zoom masterclasses
1 hour online | € 25 donation

Join one of our fabulous virtual masterclasses, created exclusively for InsideOut supporters in aid of our charity partner, Friends of the Coombe.

Each masterclass host has donated their time in exchange for a €25 donation to Friends of the Coombe to help raise much needed funds to support excellence in the care of women at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital.

All masterclasses will be held on Zoom.  Click on ‘Buy Ticket‘ for your chosen masterclass to register for a place and make your donation for this wonderful cause.

Once your payment has been received you will receive a link to join your chosen masterclass.

All proceeds go directly to Friends of the Coombe.

exclusive masterclasses

Plant up Your Garden with Paul Smyth

Saturday 30th October | 12:00 noon

Join horticulture hero Paul Smyth, one half of the #DIRT gardening podcast in which he stars alongside award-winning garden designer Diarmuid Gavin for an exclusive one-hour gardening masterclass which will cover:

  • Soil Improvement
  • Suitable plants for your site
  • Picking the best trees, shrubs, bulbs and flowering plants
  • Aftercare

Visit Paul Smyth on Instagram.


Furniture Painting with Joanne Condon

Wednesday 27th October | 8:00pm

This live workshop will include demonstrations on everything you need to know about painting furniture enabling you to learn about:

  • The best tools to use
  • The best paint to use
  • Preparing furniture properly…including a range of surfaces
  • Steps on painting furniture
  • How to avoid chip marks and create a long-lasting finish.
  • Common problems you might encounter and how to prevent/solve them.
  • Techniques to make your furniture stand out.
  • There will also be an interactive Q&A session.

About Joanne Condon

I’m Joanne Condon. A Furniture artist, workshop mentor and author. In college I studied Fine Art in Crawford College of Art and Design, where I received my degree in Fine Art. After a year of getting the opportunity to teach part time in a further education college, I decided to attend Limerick College of Art and Design where I qualified to be an art teacher.

In 2011, I started my own business, while still teaching art in a further education college. I wanted to see what opening my own business upcycling furniture would be like. I opened up a premises while still teaching.  After 2 years of working in both jobs, I decided to commit to my own business. Over 10 years later I am still here. (Business formerly known as ‘Kyle Lane’).

Joanne is also author of the book Furniture Crush.

Visit Joanne Condon’s website.


Air Clay Wall Art Masterclass with Bronagh Fleming

Sunday 24th October | 3:00 pm

Join Bronagh Fleming for an Air Clay Wall Art masterclass during which Bronagh will share her tips & tricks to create your own beautiful unique pieces for your home.

Air clay wall hangings and planters are an inexpensive and easy make for all ages.  You can create unique pieces for your home that you can coordinate with your interiors. They are perfect for gallery walls, to add interest and texture, and you don’t have to be the least bit artistic to make them!

Materials needed for the masterclass (not included):

  • A rolling pin (or similar)
  • 500g packet of air clay.
  • Some leaves and twigs.
  • Twine.
  • Paint (just tester pots etc).
  • A knife.

Visit Bronagh Fleming’s website.


Style Masterclass with Fiona Doyle

Saturday 23rd October | 11:00am
Live from The Strand Hotel, Limerick

  • Image and Self Confidence
  • The Positive Effects of Wearing Colour
  • Showcasing Autumn and Winter Key pieces from boutiques and designers around Ireland

Fiona Doyle is a primary school teacher and an international personal stylist.  She is a qualified personal stylist and colour consultant, trained one on one in style academies in the fashion capital cities of London and Milan.  She has also received accreditations from style academies in Ireland, France and America.

Fiona has over 18 years experience working in the fashion industry- through modelling, staging fashion shows and style events and has been running her own modelling agency Glamour Agency for 10 years.

Fiona offers a bespoke personal style experience, unique and exclusive to each client.

Her mission is to empower, inspire and help you become the best version of yourself and to inspire you to claim your own image so that you can choose clothes and colours that will make you smile, feel confident and happy.

Fiona is exceptionally passionate about colour, the power of colour, and the positive effects of wearing colour.

Fiona’s Masterclass will cover:

  • Image and Self Confidence
  • The Positive Effects of Wearing Colour
  • Dressing Mindfully
  • Wardrobe tips and preparing yourself for shopping
  • Getting your wardrobe Autumn/Winter ready with some key trends and pieces from local boutiques and designers

Special thanks go to The Strand Hotel, Limerick for allowing Fiona to hold her masterclass in one of their spectacular suites with a panoramic view of the city skyline across the River Shannon.

Visit Fiona Doyle’s website.


Watercolour Painting Masterclass with Caroline Duffy

Saturday 23rd October | 11:00am

This class is all about getting creative no matter your skill level. I think we have so much to gain by investing in our lives in a creative and artistic way.  So, let’s paint some abstract, loose and lovely watercolour flowers.

This masterclass is for beginners and seasoned painters alike – all you need is to have an open mind, enjoy it and just play!

Materials needed for the masterclass (not included):

  • Watercolour paper or any sketchbook paper you have to hand.
  • Watercolour paint palette or inks, or any poster paint or markers or colouring pencils or black pens. Whatever materials you have to hand.
  • A box of water watercolour palette or watercolour tub paint.
  • Two jam jars to hold water – one for cleaning the brush and one for mixing colours.
  • Some absorbent kitchen paper.
  • A round paint brush, size between 7 to 10.
  • Some watercolour paper as thick as you like. 300g or 140 lbs is the best.

About Caroline Duffy

Caroline Duffy’s passion is to surround everyday lives with colour and pattern, all inspired by nature.  Nature is everywhere – it inspires us, it energises us, it keeps us grounded. Put simply, she wants to create pieces which make people smile, feel good and make them think differently.

While studying at the prestigious National College of Art & Design in Dublin, Caroline fell in love with textiles and pattern.

After graduating from NCAD, she spent 10 years creating surface and textile design for Textile Houses in New York, Sydney and London. Then she decided to start her own design and art business, fusing her ability, passion and knowledge of art and pattern design.

Caroline’s mission is to make and design colourful pieces that creates vitality, happiness and intrigue to those who see them.  Whether it’s homeware or soft furnishing; a dress or swimwear, a painting on your office wall or home hallway, her designs and artwork will always delight and energise your day.

Visit Caroline Duffy’s website.


Mindful & Intuitive Eating with Aisling Larkin
Why you should never start a diet on a Monday!

Saturday 23rd October | 12:00 noon

Join Aisling Larkin for a one-hour session that will help you to learn some new practices to help you eat in a way that is more aligned to your body’s need rather than your environmental or psychological triggers.

We will learn how to bring an awareness to your triggers and habits of mindless grazing and binge eating and then assess what you need to put in your self care toolbox to help you overcome outdated and self sabotaging patterns of behaviour and mindsets.

About Aisling Larkin

Aisling Larkin (MB-Eat, M.Sc, B.Ed ) is a top mindful eating coach, wellness advocate, founder of eatingmindfully.ie and resident TV chef on the Six O’Clock Show.

Aisling believes that in order to bring back the joy of food to our lives we need to relearn the art and science of eating. Her approach is based in the psychology of behaviour change and the physiology of sensory eating and appetite along with the ancient wisdoms of Buddhist philosophy. All of which is now backed by over a decade of scientific research.

As one of only a handful of people in Europe trained in the MB-EAT programme some of Aisling’s core tenants of mindful eating include: no more restriction or deprivation but eating for satiety, tuning into our inner hunger cues and outer wisdoms, cooking with umami and how awareness, discernment and self nourishment can be the key to real sustainable change for our relationship with food.

Mindful Eating is one of the most simple, real and practical things you will ever do in your life.

Remember “ Only this moment is life”.

Visit Aisling Larkin’s website.


Macramé Masterclass with Saskia Summer

Wednesday 20th October | 7:00pm

Learn how to create your own macramé home decor with super-talented macramé artist Saskia Summer.

Covered in the masterclass:

  • The equipment and items you need to get started.
  • The different types of ropes you can use for macramé.
  • What thickness rope is recommended for what kind of project.
  • Where to get supplies.
  • Handy tips/hacks/tricks of the trade
  • Basic knots to get you started.
  • Examples of wall hangings and how they were made.

Visit Saskia on Instagram, YouTube and Etsy.


Sleep Masterclass with Anne Marie Boyhan

Thursday 21st October | 8:00pm

We spend nearly a third of our life asleep, yet most of us are not sleeping nearly enough. Sleep is the cornerstone of wellbeing, and the third pillar of health alongside fitness and nutrition yet oftentimes we don’t prioritise it. Sleep allows us to foster a more enjoyable existence and it’s where our bodies find balance for so many of its functions, from the immune system to the brain to the emotional.

This masterclass is the perfect opportunity to understand more about sleep, to learn about creating an evening sleep ritual and how to set your bedroom up as a sleep sanctuary. You will come away with some practical tips on how you can work small changes into your everyday life to optimise your sleep and discover how improving your sleep and your sleep environment can not only make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, but ultimately improve your overall health and wellness.

What you need for the Masterclass:

  • Yourself! – I would love to hold a space for you at this relaxing Sleep Masterclass. I encourage you to make the most of disconnecting for this session so that by the end of the class you will be ready for sleep.
  • Come along in your pyjamas or comfy clothing.
  • Take along a herbal tea or nightcap of choice.
  • A pen and paper.

At this Zoom Masterclass there is absolutely no pressure to speak or go on camera but know that there’s lots of space to share your thoughts should you wish to.

About Anne Marie Boyhan

Anne Marie Boyhan is a sleep expert and founder of wellness company, The Sleep Care Company.  She’s the author of Ireland’s first Sleep Journal and is on a mission to help busy people sleep well and be well.  Anne Marie is studying functional diagnostic nutrition to better understand how sleep affects other systems in the body.  She is interiors obsessed and believes in making your bedroom environment a sanctuary to optimise sleep.

Visit Anne Marie Boyhan’s website.


Acrylic Palette Knife Painting Masterclass with Diana Merfeldiene

Friday 22nd October | 6:00pm

Join Diana Merfeldiene and allow a couple of hours for yourself.  Relax and unwind in an online learning and creative atmosphere.

As part of the Masterclass, you will learn how to create voluminous floral piece, using a palette knife and feel how exciting and relaxing the process of creating such a painting is.

Materials needed for the masterclass (not included):

  • A canvas or board 40×30 cm or a little bigger.
  • An easel (if you have one) if not find something to rest your canvas on to paint to make sure you are comfortable when painting.
  • A Palette
  • Paints – acrylics
  • Palette Knives. For this particular painting, you will need a small palette knife, a medium one, and a larger one, all need to be comfortable to use.
About Diana Merfeldiene

Di  is a Mixed Media Artist from Co. Meath. She discovered her passion for art in early childhood. Her main purpose as an artist is to create special artwork that connects with people on a deeper level. Di loves to experiment and paint how she feels. Breaking rules and having fun, Di loves to experiments with different processes, paints, colours and mediums along the way as she interprets what she sees and how she feels.

As an art teacher at The Di Art school Di’s main purpose is to guide her students to paint from within.  Our lives, routines, people around us and the worst of them all – our inner critic, don’t let us to unleash and let our inner creativity out to blossom.

Visit The Di Art website.


Table Styling Masterclass with Sarah Doyle A.K.A. @rewtiggdstylist

Saturday 9th October | 12:00 noon

Join Sarah Doyle for  a table styling masterclass during which Sarah will share her tips & tricks to create your own beautiful seasonal tablescape.

Sarah Doyle @retwiggdstylist is an experienced interior & commercial stylist and colour consultant. She is so very fortunate to have been able to take a life-long passion for interiors and turn it into a career.

Sarahs style is sustainable, vintage-inspired interiors and her masterclass will be tips on how to create autumnal setting combining interiors and florals to create a table with items you may already have in your possession.

Materials needed for the masterclass (not included):

Have some napkins, small twigs and toilet roll tubes handy as Sarah will share some simple folding tricks and techniques with you.

Visit Sarah Doyle’s website.


Accessory Design and Creation Masterclass with Siobhán Daly

Monday 11th October | 7:00pm

This live hands-on workshop will give you the basics to be able to repurpose, recycle and renew old pieces of jewellery sitting in your top drawer into something new and unique.  Bring along old jewellery, broken bracelets, odd earrings or something sentimental for a loved one and transform it into something really special.

Being able to thread a needle will be a help!

Materials needed for the masterclass (not included):

  • Felt square (usually around €1)
  • Matching thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Any broken jewellery, buttons, mementos from loved ones
  • Lace, feathers, fabric or any other trimmings you might like to incorporate
  • Uhu glue
  • ‘Brooch back’ if you want to be able to move the piece from coat to hat etc., available in haberdashery or try Yellow Brick Road

About Siobhán Daly

Siobhán Daly is a multi-award-winning Irish milliner and accessories designer. In 2016 she established Siobhán Daly Designs after years of making bespoke pieces for friends and family. Siobhan was taught to sew by her Grandmother as a child and has always loved it. For most of her work she is self-taught and has developed her own techniques to really ensure the designs are unique.

Siobhán has a sustainable approach and a minimum waste outlook.  For Siobhán, accessories have a transformative power, changing your look and mood instantly, her mantra is look good, feel good. When we make a little effort it has an effect on our mood and we feel better for it.

Visit Siobhán Daly’s website.


Healing Heart Circle with Helen Colgan

Tuesday 12th October | 7:30pm

Helen Colgan’s healing circle was born out of love during the first Covid 19 lockdown in 2020 and in her desire to help you to find your own “wholeness”.  It began as Helen’s Circle of Hope, evolving in January 2021 to her “Healing Heart Circle”. 

The energy healing experience is special and unique to each person.  The feedback Helen’s clients  have provided is the deep sense of being calm and at peace.  Sometimes those who have never experienced energy before (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling) have the most profound energetic awareness.  Helen tells us that sometimes following a session, you may experience energy shifts and mood swings in the body as you let go of what no longer serves you.  All she asks is that you are gentle with yourself, following a healing.

What you need for the Masterclass:

  • A space you will be undisturbed in.
  • Online connection via Zoom. You will need a device (smartphone / tablet / laptop)  with a webcam and mic to take part in the session.
  • To make sure you get the most out of the session please be hydrated.

About Helen Colgan

Helen Colgan’s journey started when she was offered redundancy from her job in the financial sector.  At the time, December 2014, she felt completely lost.  Her wonderful reflexology therapist Roisin Graham suggested she become a reflexologist!  She laughed and that day something interesting happened. The reflex card Roisin had given her, fell on her head out of nowhere. Deep down Helen knew she would find her way without fully knowing and this universal sign was enormous.  The next thing she knew, in October 2015 she began her studies in Holistic Massage and Reflexology in Obus School of Healing Therapies.  She hasn’t looked back.

Helen’s drive at the beginning of this journey was to aid her 5 year old daughter who suffered with digestive issues.  She fell in love with reflexology and how it works, essentially sending energetic signals through our nervous system to our brain.  She went on and completed further courses in Holistic studies. At each stage, she felt herself progressing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Helen never intended to become a therapist at the outset but as she learned to trust her intuition, she experienced great clarity.  Helen knew in her heart, this was her purpose to support others in seeing their clarity, “their light”.

“As an intuitive guide, I guide you to reconnect (a bit like recharging your phone when your battery is low) and to listen to your inner voice.” Helen Colgan

Visit Helen Colgan’s website.


Autumn Flowers for Your Home with Jenny Murphy

Monday 18th October | 7:00pm

This live workshop with RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winner Jenny Murphy will include demonstrations on everything you need to know about styling fresh flowers for your home this autumn while demonstrating and talking your though the process of creating your own door wreath and designing a vase display.

Covered in the masterclass:

  • Conditioning fresh flowers.
  • Care tips for a long vase life of fresh blooms.
  • Best flower choices for your home and autumn styling from foraged to florist.
  • Preparing your vase or vessel.
  • Techniques for arranging blooms in your vase.
  • Door wreath decorating and how to create your own wreath at home.
  • Autumn Décor and styling tips.

There will also be an interactive Q&A session.

About Jenny Murphy

Jenny Murphy is an award winning Floral Designer with awards from many Shows in recent years including the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower show overall winner in 2012.  Jenny works alongside her mother, Moira, who opened Flowers by Moira when Jenny was just two years of age.  From an early age, Jenny showed a talent with flowers collecting up tiny wasted flowers from the shop to make pretty display items.

Her awards include:

  • RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2012 Winner.
  • RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Winner.
  • BFA Northern Irish Heat Winner 2012 (for Chelsea 2012).
  • 2nd In UK Grand Final Interflora Florist of the Year 2011.
  • Irish Interflora Florist of the Year Winner 2011.
  • 2nd in the UK Grand Final Interflora Florist of the Future 2009.

Jenny creates large-scale floral arrangements for parties and other functions, dreaming up memorable decorations.

Visit Flowers by Moira, a mother and daughter duo with a skilled and dedicated team creating floral design for your occasions, weddings, events and local deliveries.


Colour Masterclass with Adele Roche

Tuesday 19th October | 7:30pm

There’s more to colour than meets the eye!  This masterclass is perfect for anyone who is thinking about painting their home or workplace and doesn’t know where to start.  With many thousands of paint colour options to choose from it is important to understand the basics of colour which will make choosing colour a lot easier.

Covered in the masterclass:

  • What is colour?
  • Interpretation of colour
  • Colour Temperature
  • How do we feel about colour
  • Understanding light
  • Hints and tips on choosing paint colours
About Adele Roche

Colour is powerful.  It is all around us.  It can stimulate, soothe, energise, calm, evoke memories, inspire, makes us happy, make us sad, alert us to danger, create an atmosphere, set the scene.  Colour has a profound impact on how we feel and how we behave.

After years of working in the worlds of graphic design, advertising, marketing and interior design, Adele developed a fascination with the way in which colour affects physical and mental wellbeing which led her to study the Psychology of Colour which combines the science behind colour, and the way in which the human eye perceives it and the brain processes it, with the art of creating something physical that sparks an emotional response.

Adele specialises in colour for interiors.  She works directly with clients and collaborates with architects, designers and stylists on creating perfect and harmonious colour schemes for residential and commercial properties.

She has also shared her expertise with high street brands such as Albany, Colourtrend, Curator, Helen Turkington, Tikkirila and Conran Paint, working with them to create their paint colour ranges

Her passion for colour continues to extend into the world of advertising and marketing as creative director of Printovate, a large format digital print company which creates building wraps, billboards and other large format graphics co-founded with her husband, John.

Adele is also co-founder of the InsideOut Homeshow

Visit Adele Roche’s Website