Project Description

Adele Roche

Colour and design consultant Adele Roche has a lot to thank Irish healthcare professionals for. As someone living with severe Asthma, Adele has seen more than her fair share of doctors and nurses over the years. And, because of her condition, she is one of the thousands of people cocooning during the Covid-19 pandemic, something made all the more difficult by the fact that she is unable to be with her best friend who is currently battling breast cancer.

And so, when Adele was asked if she would be willing to collaborate on a project that would celebrate the very best of her design day job and help raise money for Friends of the Coombe and the care of women and babies, she jumped at the chance to get involved.

“InsideOut is a win for everyone. It is a platform for designers to share ideas, inspiration and best-practice; it is an opportunity for people considering doing some work to their home to learn from the best in the business; and it is a way of raising money for such a good cause.”